Friday, 26 November 2010

Choosing an actress and actor

After listening to our chosen track several times we realised the type of characters we would need to perform in our music video. We needed someone to play the part of Maxine Vauzelle and someone to act in the flash backs as her boyfriend. After discussing various people we came to the decision that Lidia Dodsworth, a Performing Arts and Media student from our school was perfect for the part, she plays guitar and sings, therefore we knew she would be capable of lip syncing and playing the guitar along to the song. She also had the right look for our genre. We then needed to find a boy suitable for a small part in our video, we decided Jacob Thompson would be perfect for the part as Lidia felt comfortable acting natural around him, which is an important factor to make our video seem realistic.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion (also known as stop action or frame-by-frame) is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence.

We used a camera to create various shots to enable to create stop motion animation. Here is an example of some of the pictures we took of little hearts we drew and cut out;

Filming and Editing process


Before beginning the filming process we debated whether to use one or two cameras, we came to the decision to use two as it would be effective to film a shot at the same time from two different angles, also we felt it would be useful to have one camera on a tripod and one hand held camera, to give us a variety of filming techniques.

Once obtaining the cameras we travelled to Rutland water, a picteresque setting we felt would accompany our song choice well. After arriving at Rutland water it began to rain, however we decided to continue filming as although it would be harder to film the rain created an effective atmosphere through shots such as, the close up of the rain hitting the lakes surface. We filmed various shots during the process including, performance shots with a variety of serene settings in the background. We also thought it would be a sensible idea to get simple shots of the views as back ups incase we felt we didnt have enough footage when it came to the editing process. After filming 40 minutes worth of footage around various parts of Rutland water we felt we needed a change of setting as the tranquil atmosphere may become abit boring throughout the video. We decided to go to Stamford town centre and film Lidia (acting as Maxine Vauzelle) standing still in the middle of town whilst a rush of people walked past her. We filmed her standing still for 10 minutes straight. We found that this was a difficult technique as people often either didnt want to be filmed or thought we didnt want them in the frame. We encouraged people to continue walking passed as though the camera wasnt there, after time we got the shots we were hoping for.


After importing 56 minutes worth of footage we began the editing process. We cut out all the most effective shots we wanted to use within our video and began to mute the sound, stabalize the footage and insert transitions. Once we imported the song we were able put the footage into some kind of order. During the process we came across many diffculties, especially when it came to timing with the lip syncing ect. When we began to try techniques with the footage from the town centre we decided to put it on maximum speed, this looked very effective. We also came across the problem where our song started too late, meaning the image of the guitar being played was out of time. Therefore, we came up with the idea to put a short clip at the beginning saying, 'Maxine Vauzelle- Come on over' with a aged film effective on it. We then remembered that we also needed to import the footage from the hand held camera, once importing it we discovered our most effecive shot was on there, a high angle shot of lidia spinning around, the shot was particularly good quality. Overall we found that using black and white effect, aged film effect, hard light effect and slow motion was the most effective and suitable for our genre of video.

What would i change?

If i had the oppertunity to refilm i would ensure that as a group we were fully prepared, had a detailed story board and accurate idea of exactly what shots we needed for the editing the process.
Overall, we are satisfied with the final outcome of our music video and felt we captured emotional shots that accompanied our choice of song well.