Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Conventions in popular music videos

Technical conventions

  • Band shots, whole band shots and perfomance clips
  • Shadows, mise-en-scene reflects atmoshere, equal division of shots upon band members or focus on key members
  • Highlighting, brightlighting
  • High angle/low angle, special lighting effects
  • Close ups/extreme close ups
  • Animation and video special effects (e.g. CGI, Green Screen, etc)
  • Colour effects - more monochrome/black and white
  • How is narrative use? Balanced with performance? Cut into performance? Merged with the performance?
  • Narrative - does is AMPLIFY the lyrics? Or does it focus on a specific part of the lyric and ILLUSTRATE it? Or does it CONTRADICT the lyrics?
  • Remember that narrative may not be constructed in a traditions manner - may be partial/disjointed - e.g. use of montage
  • This refers to the process where on media text may take ideas from another existing text - it may be a carbon copt, a pastiche, a parody or a homage - e.g. a music video may borrow elements from a well known film
  • This is 'borrowing' of images, narratives, etc and reconstructing them can be seen as 'post-modern'
  • It draws the audience into text - they recognise elements - they're 'in on the secret'
  • Glamour/popstyle lifestyle
  • Playing out 'popstar' lifestyle within video
  • mean and moody men
  • Seductive poses from female artists
  • Anti-establishment activity
  • Deserted locations and straight forward narratives
  • Guitar solos
  • All playing to the audience
  • Short skirts
  • Cleavage
  • Trying to portay a certain image - intertextuality
  • Voyeurism (people watching other people when they don't know)
  • Urban locations
  • Dancing
  • Crowd shots
  • Destroyed enviroments

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