Friday, 15 October 2010

Pitch Ideas

After pitching our ideas and recieving feedback it was decided that pitch 2 would wouldnt be suitable as it would be filmed in winter time and going to the beach would be a practical idea. After initalially prefering pitch 1, we decided pitch 3's scenery and ideas suited our song the best.

Response to Pitch 1 - The class/mentor really liked the idea of the stop motion animation, so we feel this is a big possibility. However the polaroid pictures printed out will be too expensive to put in our final video, with having to trial and error with printing them out with the type of shots we'd like best so we'll just use our own camera's we've got and load them straight onto the Macs. The narrative suits the lyrics to the song so thats a must having Lidia as the main person and a boy in the video aswell. We got the idea of having it set in a big house from all the videos we've watched for inspiration but the class felt it would have a better feel to it if it was both outside and inside, because as it's winter there could be some good shots including the rain and wind.

Response to pitch 2- The idea of being outside and showing her emotions was liked a lot, and actually being at the beach was questioned as there's perfectly picturesque places much closer that we could visit and see which one we prefer. The winter clothes is a must, maybe a cute dress boots and a big cardigan to fit the genre. And the class liked that we could use an array of emotions shown throughout the video, happiness and sadness

Response to pitch 3 - We had a really good reaction to this pitch as it has the balance between perfomance (lip syncing and guitar) being outside in natural settings (light and weather) and inside a house to make it feel more intimate between the couple. And the stop motion animation will be a good touch if we test out what looks best.

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