Sunday, 12 September 2010

Analysis of two album covers

Here is an image of the English singer, songwriter and musician, Kate Nash's album cover.
The immediate element i notice on this cover is Surrealism, for example, Kate's minature size and the unicorn shaped hedges.
Every aspect of the album cover, from the oversized Daisies to the font of the writing reflects her indie pop style.
The title of the album is, 'Made of Bricks', coincidentally there is a house on the cover, made of bricks. This gives the impression that prehaps when she opens that door all of her new unique songs will be released.
The album cover uses bright colours, this represents her happy and quirky songs. It also helps it to stand out from the rest of the albums on the shelf.
Instead of focusing on purely the artist, the album cover gives an idea of what to expect to be on the albumn- upbeat, happy, girly songs.

Here is an image of English singer songwriter, Adele's album cover.
This cover is contrasting to Kate Nash's, as it uses plain dark colours, and the only image it includes is the top half of her face. In the picture she is looking quite sad, this gives the impression that her songs are going to be slow and mellow, more than likely to be love songs.
Similarly to Kate's, her font is clear and easy to read. Adele's simple style reflects her simple yet effective blues/soul songs.

The reason i chose to analyse these two Album covers is because they both have the unique style that the artist we have chosen has. The artist whose song we have picked to make a video for is, Maxine Vauzelle.
She is a blues, soul, acoustic singer from Australia.

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  1. Some good analysis of image and representation here and how it fits in with genre. Try to make sure that you really focus on all of the headings (stars/icons, audience and letterinng/font too). Good work though Aimee with insightful comments.