Sunday, 12 September 2010

Analysis of a video

Jose Vanders- Faces going places

Here is a printscreen of the opening to the video, it is an establishing shot as we can see that it is set in a trainstation. We can faintly see the railway and can also see the railway logo either side of her animated poster.
The poster shows her playing the piano, clapping and singing. The little brown things you see surrounding her are hands clapping in time to the music. The next shot shows a train travelling past, which confirms the setting.
 This shot continues the theme of animated posters. The camera moves up the escalator as each poster changes colour and shows her singing. The posters have been edited to look pop arty. The bright colours refelect her happy upbeat song.


 The continued use of animated posters and billboards was cleverly used as an advertisement in this shot. The bland tiled background forces you to look at the poster, leading you to subconciously read the advertisement. The colours used in this shot all stick with the grundgy underground theme, lots of dull greys and browns.

After watching this video numerous times and listening to the lyrics i have noticed why she chose to film it in a trainstation. The whole song is based on observations she has made whilst sitting in the trainstation 'people watching'. Near the end of the song she begins to sing the words, 'You think if i could choose to live here at the station, i would.', showing she spends a lot of her time there. Making these observations has helped me to realise that i will need to read over the lyrics to 'Come on over-Maxine Vauzelle', to see what ideas i can get for the video.

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  1. A decent start but you need to use the deconstruction sheet I gave you to covter all the headings and complete a detailed response. Make sure you identify things in this video (and the others that you analyse) to show how they influence your own production.