Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Analysis of two magazine articles

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

The art work on this advertisement is taken from the album cover. The advertisement has a simple layout with plain colours, which co-ordinate with the image black, grey and red supported by a white background. The design includes all the usual conventions you would expect to see on an advertisement, the bands name and crucial information such as, when the albums out and websites and newly introduced tour dates. The images of the album cover take up a large amount of space on the advertisement, although the image is simple, it is still an eye-catching feature. It also includes a logo of the company selling their tickets, so you can recognize whilst purchasing. This advertisment is well presented and informative.

This advertisement is less informative than the previous one as its main feature is the images. The advertisment is unique in the sense that it is advertising two albums from the band, 'The night before' and ' The morning after', the album names contrast each other as do the images. The first half of the advertisment includes information on when the CD is avaible on download and also comments from newspapers. The second half of the advertisement also includes information on when it is availble on download and CD and also has a website address for their band and a logo of Play.com, where their music can be purchased. The seperate album advertisements are divided by colour, the first half has a black background, which gives us the impression the music will be slightly heavier, and the second half has a white background which gives us the impression the music will be more gentle. This idea is supported by the album names. The first image has a sci-fi appearance to it whereas the second image is a complex flower/leaf design. They have managed to advertise the two albums together efficiently, however it doesnt include alot of information.

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