Thursday, 9 December 2010

Beginning Ancillary Tasks

After completing the lengthy editing process our next challenge was to begin our ancillary tasks. We decided to begin with creating our digipak. The digipak had to have 6 sides, therefore we decided to go through our video finding stills we may wish to use on it by eliminating the ones that looked the least effective and choosing the ones of the best quality. From our research we learnt that our audience would prefer a continuous theme throughout the digipak therefore we used the patterned wallpaper our actress stood against for the lip syncing scenes on our front and back cover. We also included tour dates and review quotes and used more images than information

Here is a plan of our digipak;

Here is our completed digipak design;

After completing our digipak we then designed our magazine advert, for this we continued with the theme of the patterned wallpaper, giving our work continuity. We then included a close up picture of Lidia (our actress) and put an old paper effect on it, which gave it a vintage look; complimenting our genre. We then including information such as, tour dates, when the albums out, the artists name and song title. We used the same font throughout our video, digipak and magazine advert which we got from under the Curly section.

In conclusion we felt our our digipak and magazine advert represented our genre well and created a sense of continuity along with our video. We kept it simple and pretty, making it easy to identify our genre, whilst also giving sufficient information.

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