Friday, 10 December 2010

Storyboard and Shot list

This was our first basic shot list, it has now been adapted but this is where our main ideas came from:

1. Mid-shot of Lidia sat on a bench strumming guitar.
2. Extreme close-up of Lidia's face, expressing emotion.
3. Scenery shot.
4. Stop motion animation of love hearts.
5. Lip-syncing shot.
6. Establing long-shot of Lidia near water.
7. Close-up of lip syncing.
8. Long shot in town sped up.
9. Long shot with scenery at Rutland Water.
10. Couple mid-shot.
11. Lip-syncing close-up.
12. Spinning shot, close-up.
13. Mid-shot of couple arguing.
14. Stop motion animation of love heart being drawn.
15. Lip-syncing close-up.
16. Close-up of feet, inspiration from Kate Nash.
17. Natural mid-shot.
18. Long-shot of Lidia throwing leaves.

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