Thursday, 9 December 2010


The basic opening layout on Kate Nash's website is a simple but effective design reflecting her genre well, the illustration doesn't fill the page and is placed in the middle of the screen, it has no other words than Kate Nash.
This type of illustration is seen throughout the website as a theme which is common with artists websites. On Kate Nash's website you exposed to her blog, tour dates, music, photos etc. Here we can see various aspects of her and even personal photos and blogs which emphisizes the casualness of the acoustic genre and makes you feel closer to the artist. Also, as a form of convergence you can  purchase music, posters and clothing on her website and this is easily accessible by simply pressing 'shop' on the main menu, its uncomplicated and therefore this idea will hopefully generate more sales. Although her music and other items are availble for sale on the website, you can still purchase them via the original method of going to a record shop.

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